About CMCW

Mission Statement

The Central Minnesota Catholic Worker receives and serves all in Christ.


The Central Minnesota Catholic Worker values:

  • Faith
  • Hospitality
  • Sanctuary
  • Conversations
  • Justice

Our Vision for Central Minnesota

We believe the person and values of Jesus invite us to live in solidarity with people on the margins of our society, and that in doing so we encounter and participate in the life of the Reign of God.

Establishing a community rooted in and guided by the Catholic Worker tradition co- founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin provides such an opportunity to those who will live in it, and to those who will provide support for it.

The kind of Catholic Worker community we envision will have the following pillars:

  • It will provide hospitality to people who are economically marginalized by our society.
  • It will offer regular opportunities for dialogue and discernment about the social justice dimension of the Gospel what the Catholic Worker tradition refers to as “clarification of thought” and advocacy for the application of the values of Jesus to the issues in our community, society, and world.
  • It will also provide ongoing communication in the spirit of the Catholic Worker paper.

We envision this community as being a good neighbor, a vital participant in the life of the local Christian community, and a faithful citizen.

“The final word is love.”

Dorothy Day

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